REVEALED: What they didn’t tell you about Obiano’s Second Tenure Inauguration

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By Augustus Bill

Obiano’s Second tenure Inauguration may have come and gone, but the success and glamour of the A grade packaged event will remain on headlines and front pages of both traditional and new media tabloids, highlighting stories of an Inauguration ceremony that every Governor wishes to have, if only they can afford the creative, brilliant and diligent services of Hon. Ifeanyi Ibezi, the power horse that steered the Inauguration ceremony to an atomic success.

Hon. Ibezi has again proven beyond every sane imagination that his physical height compliments the mountain of intelligence and Iroko of Wisdom he has upstairs. The Abatete born Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Politician continues to emit wonders in crystal clear ultra-high definition with anything he touches, and any field he steps into. His role as the Chairman of Obiano’s second tenure Inauguration committee and the seamlessly perfect event he pulled up remains empirical evidences that he understands not just how to lead, how to manage responsibilities effectively, but also how to deliver eye-popping positive results.

Whether from the VIP Stand, the crowd, around the venue, or you watched on television or followed live updates from blogs; you’ll dock to testify that Obiano’s Second Tenure Inauguration Ceremony was a masterpiece from the hands of a man who understands the beauty of perfection. You cannot argue less in favour of Hon. Ifeanyi Ibezi, as a man that pays attention to detail, even as tiny as a droplet of the Governor’s sweat on that day was perfectly accommodated in the planning of the event.

You can’t lead an infantry of soldiers if you have never been tested or trusted in the capacities of leadership, service and strategic decision making. No wonder the passionate people of Idemili conferred on Hon. Ibezi, the prestigious and coveted title of ‘Ochiagha Idemmili’, because they have tasted his service and sincere leadership enough to allow him lead the Idemmili Infantry regardless that he is still a youth.

Like the saying, when a child washes his hands, he dines with the elders. Hon. Ibezi did not only wash his hands, he had a bath in the pool of wisdom, service, sincere leadership and trust and has long been over qualified to not only dine with the elders but wine and gist with them.

Organizing a successful Inauguration of class and glamour is not Hon. Ibezi’s only feat within the last 6 months, he was among the masterminds that pulled off the 21/21 political victory of Governor Obiano during the November 2017 Gubernatorial Election. His role as the Head of Logistics for the campaign cannot be overemphasized, as he brought his lorry load of smartness and cargo plane of efficiency to the campaign, ensuring that APGA fought gallantry strong and indeed came out conspicuously victorious.

No wonder Governor Obiano, a lover of perfection and class saddled this young man with the golden responsibility of making the March 17 inauguration a Terabyte of success. The Governor must have been convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that when delicate situations are up and smart results are needed, Hon. Ifeanyi Ibezi becomes one that can be trusted to deliver impeccably.

If sincere service and trusted stewardship to the people is needed, Hon. Ibezi has proven he just has no equal, his ocean of ideas, brilliance and sincerity can drown even political sharks already swimming in the system.


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