Opinion: An Open Letter to Governor Wike – Ehudhu Chimeladhu

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26th March, 2018


Dear Sir,

I Ehudhu, Chimeladhu Bounty an indigent of Rivers State from Ahoada–East Local Government Area wishes to speak up as touching the progress plan of the state

I have followed up on the happening in the state over a period of 10 years now. I will start by commending your administration for work well done but will not shire away for speaking the truth as an average Nigerian from the state.

As Christians the bible made us to understand that there is “time for everything under the heavens”, am saying this because 2019 is fast approaching and an counting on you (as the number one citizen of the state) to ensure lives are preserved (as if to say; no more blood shade in the name of politics. God created us and gave us dominion and we have to use this privilege aright.


will in bullets pin-point few things and prayerfully believe you take it as an advice from a Son to a Father.
It’s time to settle the difference between you and the past Governor (Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi, Minister of Transportation).

You both have been friend and close associates for long time and both have the following in common;
You are Crowd-Pullers and massive Leaders.
You started your life development at very youthful years of your lives.
You are Political-Pillars.
You have tested power and are still driving power.
You have tested power and are still driving power.
You attack each other in words thereby negatively influencing our youths.
You have worked together in time past and can still do same.
You are target from other blood sucking politicians to rein our noble state.
You are a brothers from the beginning till date

2019 and security of lives; I will clearly state here that at the onset, I never wanted you as the governor but over time my choice changed and I refused seeing negativities but now look out for positive imparts created by your administration. You will agree with me that you are more suitable for 2019 as far as Rivers State is concern but note that this privileged is capable of according you more praises or mere your political career. Overtime, an average Nigerian will not want a 2nd term for our Governors because abuse of power and privileges has been the outcome of most 2nd term results. The less the personal quarrels and misunderstanding between you and other Political-Pillars in the state, the more 2019 and beyond will be peaceful. In this, you will be able to concentrate and continue your progress plan for the state instead of wasting time in ensuring your provide yourself a hiding place for the next four (4) years. If you reduce the verbal attacks, you will in return up lift security come 2019. We want 2019 to be more of personal quality projection instead of party enhancement. It will be great that people are been voted for because of the good qualities found in them than just party line approach.

I was opportune to work with few Germans for about 10 months in FCT–Abuja and found out that most Investors and Foreigners will not come close to Rivers State because they feel insecurity is of the high. As an Ekpeye son, I wept bitterly when things turned so bad in Ekpeyeland and Omoku, that a region known for peace became deserted due to blood shades. I believe greatly that you will ensure such never happen come 2019 in River State. Election or no election, we will remain united in respective of party interest.

Youth engagement and employment; I will start here by commending you for the faith placed on Hon. Ehie O. Edison (Member Rivers State Assembly), as a youth and the results of his engagement I still want to pray you pick more youths. Our youths need to have adequate experience in the field of mass-leadership to ensure when our fathers leave we will be able to stand in and ensure no vacuum. We have lots of unemployment graduates and these fresh minds should be attached to appropriate sectors to practice and contribute to the development the state. Preach forgiveness amongst the youths as these have hindered progress within us. More recreational activities and sporting events should be created as these will go a long way to settle unemployment. Those who have benefitted from the state scholarships should be called upon to bring to board the good things they have seen abroad so as to better our state. Illiteracy should be done away with amongst our young one. Family planning programs and birth control should be greatly introduced to reduce hooliganism and touting in the state.

Industrialization and project completion; In as much as I will want to praise you on projects carried out on the state, I still feel there are a lot to be done in this regards. Please take industrialization as a core business which will do much of economic benefits to the state and settle unemployment. Also I would want to beg you to forget personal misunderstanding and ensure all projects carried out by the past administrative is been completed, continued and sustained and I bet you, Rivers state will be a sort after place. In Nigeria, Rivers State stands to be the third (3rd) behind Lagos and Kano as leading states (by my own assessment) and we should work to ensure we stand as an example to others and protect our image and dignity.

Health, Labour and Education; our health sector should be worked on as I expect Rivers State comes to the point of becoming the destination of people seeking medical tourism. Our labour sector should speak boldly for itself as I expect prompt payment of salaries and competitive work environment. Developmental Courses and training should be adequately provided to ensure workers are best placed for their supposed job descriptions and assignments.

In the education system our students must be taught to be learned, hard working and prepared be at their best to ensure they avoid exam malpractices. Our students must be prepared to represent at all times and study environment should be adequately cared for and made conducive.

I will like to stop so far and keep watch as I believe my little advice will be considered and put to use. I will appreciate an invite to speak to you on issues bordering our state the more which I think your Aids and PA’s may not bring to your notice as it bothers on the livelihood of the poor masses.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Long live Rivers State!
Long live Nigeria!
Long live our Youths!

Yours sincerely

Ehudhu, Chimeladhu Bounty.

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